Psychological testing

My primary focus in private practice is evaluation and assessment for a variety of psychological conditions, such as ADHD, Autism, Mood Disorders, Learning Disabilities, and Personality Disorders. The evaluation is thoughtfully crafted to address the individual needs of the client and to give the most accurate picture of strengths and deficits.

Individual therapy

My second focus in private practice is treatment. I take an integrative approach to therapy to fit the specific needs of each client. I pay close attention to cultural and environmental factors because they shape our experiences and communication patterns. Some approaches I use include interpersonal therapy, supportive therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Parent training

One effective treatment modality for children with ADHD is parent training (PT), which is often taught in a group format. The goal of the parent training group is to provide parents with support, extensive psychoeducation about ADHD, medication management, behavioral modification techniques, and other techniques to improve the child's behaviors and the family system. Research studies have demonstrated that PT training is extremely effective, has lead to significant improvement in their child's behavior and has improved the relationship between the child and parent. The day and time of this are flexible to meet the needs of all of those who attend. Please call me for more information.

Contact me

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